Unleashed Events Weapons Policy

Anyone with any questions regarding whether their prop will be allowed into an event please feel free to email: [email protected] with any queries regarding weapons/props.

Unleashed Events Weapons Policy

Unleashed Events is a family run events business, with an emphasis on events for all the family. It is a safe space to let your creativity fly with your costumes, however due to the growing concerns within society about weapon crimes, Unleashed Events have had to create a policy regarding weapons.

Melee Weapons:

Melee weapons are allowed up to 8ft in length but will fall into two categories, up to 1.5m and over 1.5m.

Up to 1.5m:

Things such as swords, bats, maces, etc will fall into this category.

Allowed items:

  • Foam swords, bats, daggers etc.
  • Plastic swords, bats, daggers etc.
  • Rubber swords, bats, daggers etc.
  • Thermoplastic coated weapons

Restricted items:

  • Wooden bats, swords, etc. (These will be at the discretion of door staff, and will only be allowed in if safely attached to your costume and only to be drawn for photographs. Anyone deemed inappropriately wielding a wooden weapon will be asked to leave.)

Banned Items:

  • Metal bladed weapons
  • Metal blunt weapons
  • Bokkens

Note: bokkens although wooden swords are a restricted item in a public place and can only be used in a private training facility or place that allows competitions using bokkens. Unleashed Events is neither and so they are not allowed.

Over 1.5m:

Items such as poleaxes, staffs, large maces, scythes, etc.

Allowed items:

  • Foam weapons
  • Plastic weapon that can be easily taken apart into two pieces

Restricted items:

  • Wooden based weapons (These must be able to be taken into two pieces and must only be assembled for photographs, anyone deemed wielding a larger weapon over 1.5m made from wood that is not being photographed, or in the process of putting together or taking apart for a photograph may be asked to leave the premises.)

Not allowed:

  • Metal Weapons


Projectile weapons:

Projectile weapons are allowed but restrictions are in place.

Allowed items:

  • Foam guns
  • Nerf guns (without magazine and rounds)
  • Brightly coloured BB guns (with no magazine or battery present and must remain holstered unless being photographed. Please do not draw the gun randomly as although brightly coloured it still resembles a real gun.)
  • Realistic Non-Firing Toy weapons (must have a bright coloured tip and must remain holstered unless being photographed. Please do not draw the gun randomly it still resembles a real gun.)
  • Fantasy/Sci fi looking weapons that are made from foam, plastic etc. that are brightly coloured

Restricted items:

  • Plastic Imitation Firearms (will only be allowed if they have a bright orange tip, and with no magazines or batteries. They must remain attached securely to your person and only be drawn for photographs because of them being made from heavier weight plastics to make them feel the weight of a real gun. Anyone in breach of this rule may be asked to leave.)
  • Bows/Crossbows (must not be strung unless strung with a very weak elastic which would cause the weapon to be inoperable. Arrows/bolts must not have any tips on them and must be stored securely. Bows/Crossbows are to never be loaded with an arrow even for photographs as this is deemed unsafe even with no bow string. All photographs must be without arrows)

Banned items:

  • Realistic imitation firearms with no orange tip.
  • Metal weapons.

Note: it is an offence to possess an imitation firearm in a public place (unless the person can prove he / she has a reasonable excuse) or to manufacture, import or sell a realistic imitation firearm. There are some exceptions for weapons used in historical re-enactments, theatrical productions and film making.

It is also an offence to possess an article capable of being used to convert an imitation firearm, where the person intends to use the article (whether by itself or with other articles) to convert such a firearm. Registered firearms dealers are exempt from this offence.

An imitation firearm has been defined as 'anything, which has the appearance of a firearm' so could include toy guns. Many imitation weapons are very realistic and until the weapon has been seized it is difficult to ascertain whether it is genuine or not.

Large Cosplays:

Large cosplays although not banned, do still come with a restriction. Any costume that is oversized, and could be difficult to move around in must have no sharp edges, and be made from lightweight soft materials such as foam, fur, etc.. Wearers of large cosplays must also always have another person with them as a handler to help guide them around the event so as not to cause any accidental collisions with other event goers or traders stock. If you do not have a handler present with you, you may not be allowed into the venue.

Boring Bit:

Unleashed Events reserve the right to disallow any weapon or prop that is deemed to be unsafe, dangerous or likely to cause a nuisance. Anyone caught acting irresponsibly may have the weapons confiscated or be asked to leave the event. If weapons have been confiscated they can be collected at the end of the event unless they have been passed onto the police.


Anyone with any questions regarding whether their prop will be allowed into an event please feel free to email: [email protected] with any queries regarding weapons/props.