Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comic-con and why is it so much fun?

Initially comic-cons used to be events focusing on comic books and comic book culture, however, nowadays comic-cons cover a multi-genre entertainment such as films, TV and gaming and have made being ‘geeky’ cool. A comic-con is a brief escape from reality where pop culture, ie sci-fi, superheroes, zombies, fantasy, etc., can be experienced all in one room. You can meet guests from the world of film and TV as well as seeing attractions to admire and interact with. There are geeky traders selling everything from art to collectables, items that you simply will not be able to find on the high street. People of all ages can come along in costume, maybe of their favourite film or comic book character, as it is opportunity to show off your geeky side. Unleashed Events host nationwide comic-cons and we just get bigger and better every year!

1. Is there wheelchair access?

We do our best to make sure events are accessible for everyone, however, this varies depending on the venue, so please check with us before booking your ticket.

2. Can I advertise my own event?

There is a no canvassing rule in place. If you wish to advertise you must ask a member of staff prior to the event. If you do not you may be asked to leave. 

3. Does my child need a ticket?

Yes. Under 5's go free, however anyone over that age MUST have a ticket in order to gain entry.

4. Will food and drink be available?

Most of our venues do have a selection of food and drink available. However, please do check on the event page for each venue as this may vary.

5. My tickets haven't arrived yet, what should I do?

Tickets are sent recorded delivery, please be patient as tickets may take up to 3 days to arrive. If you have not recieved your tickets 7 days before the event please message us, otherwise, be patient!

6. Is there a cash machine on site?

Again, this will vary between each event, please check with the event pages for more information on this. 

7. Can I pay by card at the venue?

All entry fees must be paid for in cash, and although some businesses may accept card not all do. Please ensure you bring enough cash with you for the day.

8. Can I come in costume?

YES! Part of these events is that you can come along in anything you feel comfortable in. We also have a costume competition for all ages at every event, so please do come along in your best costume!

9. My costume has a weapon, can I use it?

All costume props must be cosplay safe. If we feel your prop is not cosplay safe you may be refused entry. 

10. What is your costume weapons policy?

Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume. No functional weapons are allowed at Unleashed Events. Projectile costume weapons (costume firearms) must be rendered inoperable. Projectile costume weapons (costume firearms) must be clearly identifiable as such and must not resemble real firearms. Bows must not be strung and arrows must be stored in a quiver or similar container at all times. Bladed weapons must not be made from metal at all, plastic, wood and foam are acceptable. These rules are for inside the venue only.