Tips for Traders

What is a comic-con and why is it such fun?

Initially comic-cons used to be events focusing on comic books and comic book culture, however, nowadays comic-cons cover a multi-genre entertainment such as films, TV and gaming and have made being ‘geeky’ cool. A comic-con is a brief escape from reality where pop culture, ie sci-fi, superheroes, zombies, fantasy, etc., can be experienced all in one room. You can meet guests from the world of film and TV as well as seeing attractions to admire and interact with. There are geeky traders selling everything from art to collectables, items that you simply will not be able to find on the high street. People of all ages can come along in costume, maybe of their favourite film or comic book character, as it is opportunity to show off your geeky side. Unleashed Events host nationwide comic-cons and we just get bigger and better every year!

Top Tips

  • Invest in a card reader it will help maximise your sales. 
  • Make sure you have enough float. There is always a chance everyone who comes across you will pay in £20 notes, don't get caught short. 
  • Pack your lunch. Busy events often mean traders don't have time to leave their tables, plan for that. 
  • Pack enough drinks to last the day, hydration is important. 
  • Pack a fan, costumers and the general public can go outside but if you are on your own you'll have no other way to cool off. 
  • Set off in plenty of time, even if you get there a little early its better than being caught out and arriving late.
  • Make sure your card reader is charged fully the night before. 
  • Most comic-con's will allow 2 people per table booked, any more than that and you may be asked to buy tickets, so plan your staffing appropriately. 
  • Make a checklist so nothing gets left behind. Preparation is half the battle. 
  • Signage - advertise yourself! 
  • Business cards / a sign people can take a photo of. 
  • Make sure to read and follow the set up instructions. This will make the day run smoother for everyone involved. 
  • Bring something to do in your down time. Once you've set up why not bring a project to work on and relax.
  • Bring extra stock, people like full tables, don't let too many gaps appear, refill where you can and maximise your sales.
  • Bring someone with you who can do food/drink runs, and even watch the table while you take a toilet break.
  • Clean up and bin your rubbish, it's only polite.
  • Don't bring leaflets to hand out advertising someone else's event unless you have checked with the organisers first.